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Summer time Stories

This year we went camping we took my dog Charlie with us and he was so good that he had the Nickname Charles and then when we got home he was back to the same old crazy dog again because a good dog never changes

This is not Charlie it’s just a dog that looks like him😋

Then I joined a club me and my friends made up its called The Big Dad it stands for (Detective Agency Days) my friends names are Kellan 8,Ruby 7,Avery 10 ,Chloe 8 ,and me I’m 11. are slogan is no mystery to big no mystery to small we will solve them all. I also used to do horse back riding with my friend Sofia but the stable closed down but Sofia still rides on at a different stable she has a blog as well you can follow her at myhorse Adventures

Here are some very Beautiful horses😍
Go make friends on the first day of school😎😊


tomorrow’s the first day of school and I understand that it can be scary to go into a new place I’m home schooled so I just stay home but I do have classes like I go to my school campus for art class music class and others to in going into Jr high so I’m very nervous about it and it’s not really that easy going to a new place but try go out make friends have fun out there.Thanks for reading.

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I'm nice and sweet hope u like my blog😊

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