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A new friend

Just to start this blog off , I just wanted to say this blog is about a foreign exchange student named, Ronja. She came all the way from Germany to California. She’s never been to anywhere close to the United States. I live in California and this is a very different. So you wanna hear something crazy? She’s never had salsa or any Mexican food.

We took her out today for Mexican food and she thought it was really good. She kept saying America’s really cool place. Her family misses her but they’re also very happy for her. We kind of live on a farm and we have a bunch of animals:

#1 we Have 3 dogs

#2 we have 2 goats

#3 we have 4 fish

#5 we have a cat Named angel.

I’m just a kid so I hope you guys think my blog is okay and wait for my next one.

I’m gonna publish one about a snake I found my yard.

Why don’t I just talk about it now? Me and my cousins were playing outside and I hear my cousin Jack Scream “snake!”

And I’m thinking he’s just pranking me but then I look and it’s just a black and white snake and it’s very small. It disappears and then we’re standing by our swing and my little sister yells, ” Lilli ,t’s sniffing your foot!” I did feel my foot being tickled and There it was! The snake climbed up the tree!

I didn’t know snakes could climb and it got stuck in the tree. We found out the snake couldn’t hurt us so we were all petting it. Then it went into our neighbor’s yard and everyone said “bye mister snake”. We named him Mr. sniffer. He’s a very kind snake and he came back. He was never mean and comes back every once in a while Thank you For reading,leave a comment and I’ll write my next post about you!!

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