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A road trip

We went to San Francisco as a road trip I think I’m gonna tell you are plans for the weekend so Saturday go to the beach ,sunday ,spend the day on the boardwalk,Monday tour the city and then go home our Foreign Exchange student ronja has wanted to go to San Francisco for a longContinue reading “A road trip”


a flame that may die on earth but not in mind The Dixe fire is a fire all over California so it’s pretty well known I live in California so I’m always around smoke did you know that the dixe fire is California’s biggest fire in history! The camp fire is the most deadly itContinue reading “Fire”

Summer time Stories

This year we went camping we took my dog Charlie with us and he was so good that he had the Nickname Charles and then when we got home he was back to the same old crazy dog again because a good dog never changes Then I joined a club me and my friends madeContinue reading “Summer time Stories”

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